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Greetings from Kafuro Primary school to you our friends in Liss Junior School.

Last week with Yowasi our link teacher at our school, we discussed the blogs that classes had sent on with some of the question.

I am beginning with thanks  for your considerate education done at your school.

We are sorry for the delay in our reply as Yowasi explains that they were sent when we had gone for our holidays

It was very good to see your Greece containers!!!

We have compared the container with the one we use for milking in Uganda among the culture known as the Bahima.

They are famous for cattle keeping and they used to keep moving from place to place and used to move with similar containers for milking and save milk.

They have currently stopped moving from place to place due to the fact that most land that was free in those days is now gazette for World animals and another factor can be Development of infrastructure.

The children were very happy to have when the vessels and they had to ask a lot of questions which geared their learning.

The first question was:-

How are the materials used by children obtained?

Yowasi explained that the clay used is bought by the school and children were amused when they were shown a shoe made from clay that was done when Yowasi had visited.

The children were very happy to find out that the clay materials are burnt using electricity in the kiln and this is lead by the head teacher Mr. Burford who takes care of the kilns in the school.

I was called upon to talk about the paper Mache, of which I described as a softened paper mixed with some gumming objects to produce clay like materials for making material and sculpture.

I  had to mention other materials which help the paper Mache to become gumming strong.

He sighted cassava porridge and any other porridge can work.

In making other materials, wire gauze is used as to make the made material durable and last for a long time.

In our art and craft lessons for primary, we have learnt about how to make banana fiber mats.

This was aimed to make mats for our friends in the Nursery section to have what to use in their new refurbished class.

( an initiative by our link teacher and through the head teacher by working with the parents and mostly children)

“Under the lets make a class for our friends”

And a lot of fiber mats were made and as I talk now, they are at least free now from dust.

In other materials we made, balls and fiber babies which the children take home and pray with them in their free time at home.

The balls are used at school.

This has always provided support for the balls provided for the children who cannot withstand the weight of the large balls that are given to us by most of our friends who visit our school.

I have to recognize the Team from Leicester conversational group which also did good work to develop children’s physical desire to the Environment through talking to them about conservation and sustainability.

We have been in our holiday and now we are back hope to share more in our learning.

God bless you all.


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