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Hello to every one reading this Blog and I say that we love you.

It started with a visit from all the Uk teachers with Stu last week that our schools (Kafuro PS and Liss Junior school) in connection with the QEPTP strengthened the BOND more through tree planting at Kafuro Primary School with an aim of conserving the environment, provide shade and add to the existing fruits in the school tree planting programme.This programme was first initiated by Johan and Peter by donating Sh.100,000 for buying seedlings during their visit in Uganda through Yowasi who made the plan having attended the Workshop at Mweya about Conservation.

As our four visitors(Adam, Stu, Rebecca and Tara) arrived at Kafuro school, they were welcome to the office to sign the visitors book where they had a lot of conversation with the Headteacher and Yowasi, they were later joined by the Chairman PTA and SMC in the conversation. I took the the role to show them around, this involved touring the schools rectangular piece of land,analysing the tree planting project,viewing the vegetable garden,water collection tank,seeing all the classes( this part was done by Adam who had twinned all the classes and their teachers ) the team was shown one of the classes that was constructed by Queen Elizabeth Parks Twinning Project construction contribution that was sent through the Ugandan rangers who had visited UK.After the school tour we were treated to an assembly where the school choir led the Uganda National Anthem,Adam,Tara and Rebecca sung “God bless the Queen….” Stu played a major role of singing alone “The flowers of Scotland….”.The school Choir represented a few items starting with a welcoming song.( it did not involve much dancing since dancing had proved a problem to Adam and Tara as I witnessed at Bukorwe). Speeches followed mostly expressing our gratitude and sincere heart felt thanks to our visitors,the trip organizing body and the entire QEPTP team for the gifts,learning and talent development in our school and to the governing body that has made every thing possible by selecting Kafuro PS to be part of the twinned schools.Adam had to hand over officially the donations and some photos were taken on Adam’s camera (I should have uploaded some if I had one) all the challenges that face the school were mentioned.Next Adam represented Kafuro to welcome other guests and he made his speech which involved applliciation in the hospitalty by Kafuro community and etc….. really nice.After Adam’s speech Pupil had to thank the visitor for their coming and gave in some of their farming produce (including fresh Tomatoes Passion fruit and many others as Adam can mention them) the most surprising gift to our visitor were Millet grains and I will seek to know how Adam and Rebecca went about it!!!

Having done the speaking, our visitors had to plant trees. This was a very nice moment to see white hands in dark fertile soils of Uganda,Kafuro. (each person planted own tree this was meant for remembrance and the above mentioned factors).Later we had time to socialize with the pupils, Adam and Yowasi went to Primary seven (Linked to class AS at Liss Junior School) to complete the experimental setup about the damage of Coca cola soda on the teeth (To my observation the white egg shell in Coca cola had turned rusty brown as opposed to the ones dipped in water).Tara and Rebecca assisted by Siragi our D.O.S and teacher went to learn more about King Square game since it was new to their schools.

As they had less time to be with us,they were take in one of the classes to have lunch with all the Staff members and the Headmaster.Simple farewell speeches were made and best wishes of their journey back to England.

In our final words we agreed to always communicate and this is being achieved internationally.

We broke off from school the following Wednesday (01/08/2012) and went for our holidays.This paved way for Coordinators’ planning on how to start our Journey to Kampala for passport processing.(more information on this next).

I had to fix my self and report to Kampala International University (my place of study for my Diploma) yesterday Wednesday and as I write all this I’m at the Campus for my studies. Thanks for your comments in my first Blog.

Hope to blog in again soon…..!!!!!

Best wishes from Yowasi  –   Kafuro Primary School.

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