Well done Liss Junior School.

Dear friends at Liss Junior School, our sincere lovely greetings from Uganda in your sister school.

You are requested to receive your fellow pupils thanks and appreciation for the great work you have done to improve lives at Kafuro Primary School.

On behalf of all pupils at Kafuro the entire community and on my own behalf, allow me extend our sincere thanks from our hearts to you.

 It started long time ago with your care for their education and learning process, it went on with provision of text books and so it went on with acquiring knowledge of becoming global citizens and so many to count !

It’s twelve years since the latrines were build, meaning the pits have served the school for more than twelve years.

The headteacher is glad to mention that the new work done will again push the sanitation process of the school for more than ten years.

The weather comparison, the solar that put the first light in our community, the water that relieved and improved our learning and our stress fetching water from 1 km long with a Jerry can on one’s head.

Appreciation to Liss Junior School, parents and all the school committees.

The head teacher and all other stake holders we love and bless you.

Our committed coordinator Mr. Adam Stanley, we bless all the great work you have done to totally change lives.

I Yowasi Byaruhanga have no words to thank you enough to appreciate your energy to touch fellow young lives.

I am concerned about Liss Junior School old students, you would still like to stress the impact you have created to improve lives. I would still suggest, a committee made of old boys and girls ( old Liss Junior school students) be made that it keeps in touch with their former school and Uganda

Meaning this would still help those who would visit Uganda and vice verse witness their strong energy impact and connect simply to one another in the future. ???

For your great work and efforts you have changed Kafuro to a far better village. I bless you.

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