Using traditional building techniques

After Mrs Green and Mr Stanley had such a brilliant time at Kafuro Primary School finding out how you build a traditional house we thought that we should share some of the techniques that used to be used in Britain by our distant ancestors. We found out about these techniques on a visit to Butser Ancient Farm which is about eight miles away from the school.

The first technique is called wattle and daub which is very similar to the technique the children and parents showed us at Kafuro. On this occasion the children in our classes built a fence using wattle (the wood) and not daubing it with mud. This technique involves using a flexible wood called hazel and weaving it in and out of posts gradually building up the layers. The photos below show the children building the fence.


The second method we were taught was using ‘clunch’ a mixture of soil, water, chalk and straw. The mixture is formed into balls and placed into a mould where it is left to dry. At its most effective it hardens almost like concrete and be built up to form walls. Again the photos below show how clunch is used.


We would like to know from our friends in Kafuro how you are proceeding with your judgements in The School Grounds We’d Like?

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