Uganda Trip 2014 – Four days to go

It’s been a steaming hot day in Hamphire; the temperature here is nearly as hot as Kampala and the last few days have been met with some incredible lightning and thunderstorms. With four days to go before the 2014 group heads off to Uganda it’s a time for frantic packing, weighing of luggage and attempting to make sure that we’ve remembered everything.

The coolest person has of course has been Larry the Leopard who watched me pack as he phoned all his friends in Uganda where he is expecting a rapturous welcome.

Tonight there was a brief meeting at Steve Peach’s house where we discussed final arrangements for the trip. Steve revealed that he will be setting up wildlife cameras with microphones around Hippo House so it can be proven conclusively whether it’s me snoring at night or whether there are genuinely hippos outside.

Before we leave on Thursday I will post more about the aims for the trip.

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  1. Adam's mum says:

    Will be watching all the posts and printing them off for Dad. Have a safe journey and look after Larry. Don’t get stung!


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