Reading competition

Last week, class Primary Seven in their formed groups borrowed books from the library and had some time practicing on how to have the best reading members in their groups.
The groups which they use even for their revision and discussion.
The made groups were named according to Wild animals and the groups were,
1. Elephant Group
2. Zebra Group
3. Lions Group
4. Buffalo Group

All the groups are led by the Chairperson who was elected to lead the coordinate of all the activities that take place in their specific group.
He/She is also responsible to contact the best resource person in the school for the activity given to their group.
In the competition, different groups represented their single story reading ( as different books had different stories meaning one group had to read one single book to have the same story) this was very nice to hear the young voices reading while other groups had to listen carefully.
Their listening activities would help them select which group reads best.
Most children preferred reading Ben Ten books
Finally each group had to select one of their best readers to compete for their group at the same time this child would be the best reader of the day and general week.
The class teacher had managed to put on a simple encouraging trophy for the best reader as selected by the whole class.
After all the reading, the pupils had to vote their fellow pupils from the general genuine minds.
The Lions group won the reading competition and was led by Robert Gumisiriza.
The class teacher had to hand over the trophy ( which was a bic pen and a pencil for having won the weeks competition.

All this is very possible with the support from the Twinning project that has worked tirelessly with Liss Junior school to donate more reading books for the children.
We would like to ask our counterparts in Liss Junior School if they have reading competitions.


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