Ranger assembly

Today at Liss Junior School,  we were visited by Joe Williams, who is one of the rangers working for Steve Peach at Queen Elizabeth Country Park and Staunton Country Park. Joe talked about a range of topics from being a ranger in Queen Elizabeth Country Park and comparing it to the jobs that rangers do in Norway, to visiting Uganda and the different animals that live there. Although Joe has not yet had the pleasure of visiting Kafuro Primary School (the greatest school in Uganda) he has been to visit Bukorwe Primary School near Ishasha and play rugby with their tag rugby team.

Joe told the children lots of interesting stories such as the time when he was quite scared by the sound of a hippo outside Hippo House (personally, I think the noise was just Steve Peach snoring, but Joe assures me they found fresh hippo dung the following morning). He also told the children some absolutely brilliant facts. Dd you know that a hippo can bite a crocodile in half with its powerful jaws?

The really good news is that Joe will be bringing his high energy assemblies to Liss Junior School every week and we are really excited about this. We would like to thank Joe for all his hard work preparing and delivering his assembly and we can wait for the next one.

Finally, We would like to ask our friends in Kafuro if rangers ever take assembly at your school and what you learn from them?


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