Moth competition winners and moth trapping results

A week ago I posted that a friend of LJS, Lesley Benson, had visited the school and run a moth competition as well as setting up a moth trap. The children were asked to design their own moths and there was a very high standard throughout.

The competition winners were Brooke Stokes in Class JA and Emily Glazebrook in Class KR. The both won a pair of tickets to an exhibition at the Natural History Museum in London. Lesley’s comments were as follows:

A fantastic variety with some beautiful moths and excellent colouring.

Use of leaves and other materials was good. I particularly was looking for an imagined moth with a believable story – hence Clover Leafy Stripey.

I enjoyed the unbelievable stories very much – the World Cup moth, the rainbow heart and smiley moths and the snowflake and sky moths. And for the whole class (JA) I liked the colours and pattern of the moth chosen.

The winning entries can be seen below.

Lesley also provided us with photos of the moths she had trapped and a list of the different species she found at Liss:

Bright-line Brown-Eye, Brimstone Moth, Buff Beauty, Buff Ermine, Clouded Border, Common Footman, Common Wainscot, Common White Wave, Dingy Footman, Dot Moth, Double Square Spot, Early Thorn, Fanfoot, Heart and Dart, Large Yellow Underwing, Least Minor, Mottled Beauty, Mottled Rustic, Purple Clay, Riband Wave, Scorched Carpet, The Flame, Uncertain, V-pug, White spot


She also provided us with photos:

We would like to ask our friends at Kafuro if they can identify any of the species that Lesley found at Liss around the locality in Kafuro. Mr Stanley and Mrs Green will also run a design a moth competition when they come to Kafuro with some special prizes.

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