Meeting at Bukorwe.

Having traveled all that long distance, we had a stop over at one of the prepared place in Bukorwe for they knew that we shall need to have water to wash our faces and atleast pass a brush on our shirts and trousers.
We need all that was neceessary to quickly pick up as we had had some hard time when we took the route to Rukungiri thinking we had the right way to Bukorwe.

From being lost to the right way took almost an hour and a some more minutes when the original Rukiga speaking people could tell us to pay for them to give us the correct direction.

As earlier informed, this special and needed moment was very necessary to happen and the teachers say thank you to the QEPTP that has continued to support our cluster meetings here.
It was the best of its kind and I was impressed to see teachers practice how to blog in order to improve their learning exchange in the future.
In combination they typed their blog together and will be posting it on both blogs of Katunguru and Bukorwe.
My thanks go to the QEPTP team for the support to have all this possibly happening in the shortest time.
I strongly think that with improved communication, our links will strengthen and much improved will be the opportunity for the children to learn very quickly from one another hence the world will become a global village. Other schools will also be opening blogs to communicate with their counter parts in England very soon as the training on bloging goes on.

I am looking forward to meeting Stu and the team that he came with any day from today as he confirmed yesterday that he had arrived safely at Mweya ( Home/ Hippo house)
I must say thanks to the parents and the children plus every body who donated books and Children are very moved to have friends who think about their future through education.

Thanks very much

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