Kafuro Primary School: Term 3 Update 2 – Holst & Science

Today also started in style as most of the children were at school. We held an assembly as usual at the school assembly ground “as how we did when we received Adam and our celebrity Larry the Leopard for the first time.

In this, our head teacher and Yowasi addressed us on what was happening as most teachers were absent for the school.

This was followed by general cleaning as most parts of the school were worthwhile.
Having done the clean up, Mr. Byaruhanga Yowasi and Mr. Ashaba Moris instructed us to combine in one class P.7. of which we did very quickly knowing that some information from our friends in the UK had posted something as we ware told it was our responsibility to do most of the blogging an opportunity we shall dearly miss as we shall be leaving our beloved Kafuro School next year to the secondary schools that we don’t think we can find great things like what happens in Kafuro PS.

Having joined together, one Chris was selected to switch on the machine; having got it working the modem was connected and next was to vote who in the member of the writers and readers club does it best?

Edvine was chosen to read for the two joint classes of which she did to her best. This was followed by the instruction and action to draw what we had in the music and below are our interpretation of the music

In the next session after a simple break that took half an hour, we had to listen to the film by Mr. Stanley about how water spins from a funnel.

Thanks Adam our second class teacher for the video very interesting that we have discovered new ideas and from the explanation you have given and the way the patch signifying how all happens.
New ideas and our findings about the experiment.
1. We have discovered that all moving and rotating objects do it in relation to the Earth’s movements.
2. Movement and rotation in all objects is affected by the earth rotation.
3. Spinning of water and other objects happen in relation to the hemisphere where the object is located.
4. Coriolis factor affects water spinning in a funnel at the Equator
Our combined class would like our friends in the UK at Liss Junior School to internalise our points in the above and prove our findings.
Children should define what Coriolis force or factor is,

Till next time

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  1. Kath Miles says:

    It was great to read and see the pictures of everyone in Kafuro looking at the information from Mr Stanley. Your school looks very tidy after your clean up.

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