New Term at Kafuro Primary School

This week Monday 03/09/2012,  was our day to begin our third term at Kafuro Primary school and as the holiday was long time, every body was ready to come up for the new busiest term of the year 2012 which is the most busiest term in Uganda since all the pupils and students at different levels are promoted from one level to another.

I reached school very early in the morning at 7:20am and was received by my class (Primary Seven) and other pupils to the school. I had to go direct to supervise how the trees and the vegetable garden that were planted by our visiting team that visited us in July and found all of them were doing very well and they were very healthy since they were left under the care of one of the best performing pupils (Asiraph)  who decided to volunteer the service during the holiday. And all other parts of the compound were very bushy but not like last term as it didn’t rain very much during the holiday.

Back to this term’s activities, Our oldest /topmost class (my class) Primary Seven is doing their final examinations this term 2012 and they will be joining Secondary schools next year. In this term all pupils who would have performed to the required marks in final examinations in relation to the continuous assessment will be promoted to the next class/ levels.Since in Uganda we do not automatically promote pupils to other levels.

This makes pupils get more excited and anxious to have hopes of joining next levels/classes.And this is more so with Primary Seven who will join other schools and change from primary to secondary.

Teachers were there to start the new academic term and in their memories they were talking about the last UK visitors’ last visit of which filled their memories and could not stop talking about it whenever they met for break and in any of their free time.

We held a simple assembly to welcome pupils to the school and on the assembly I passed greetings to the pupils from our friends in UK that were delivered by Mr.Adam Stanley to the school community and raised a vote of thanks to Asiraph who volunteered to care for our vegetable garden and our trees that we have found in good health. After the assembly we led them to their respective classes for class work which started with cleaning and then studying and at break and games time pupils were eager to play the newly introduced games that include mainly playing with the “Amapapari” = Paw Paws (also rugby balls) for tag rugby where they were happy when passing balls on the side ways  at a steady speed. Anyone who lost in this felt very bad to have broken the chain and for young pupils in lower classes they enjoyed playing King Square game though limited by space,the rules were strict to involve more players and it was very interesting day. We had to set home late in the evening and I was very tired to cycle home due to day’s activities.

That is how we managed to complete our first day of third term.

For the second day in school that was Tuesday we had to do some general cleaning in the morning to minimize on the expected accidents that would occur with a bushy compound.

So pupils brought hoes and pangas to do the required work as they  always do whenever we have to general cleaning in school that even involves even preparing the school garden.


And as of now studies have taken their course and studies are going on very  well.

We have discussed to have an English day at school this term with fellow teachers and pupils this term and thinking when Mr.Adam Stanley reads this, he will guide us on what activities we need to carry out on that very day and the needs to make that day more meaningful.  We think this will help pupils to understand life in the UK more that before. All the teachers and pupil were very excited about the day and were saying  this week, but I told them to wait until I consult Adam and others who can advise us on the activities and more plays to see how we can prepare and find how to make the day really meaningful.

Have hope that you are out there to see how we can make it more meaningful through your messages and comment on this blog.

I promise to be blogging more of this term’s events.

Happy reading and commenting!


Yowasi Byaruhanga

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  1. astanleyadmin says:

    Fantastic blog Yowasi. It sounds that there are lots of good things happening at Kafuro. I will be more than willing to help you plan an English day when you arrive in the UK. At Liss we have begun to prepare for your visit and most of my assemblies are about Uganda. Today I showed the children the film of all the teachers ‘dancing’ at Bukorwe which they found hilarious. I also showed them the film of the Kafuro choir’s welcome song which gained a big round of applause. Regards to all the children and staff at Kafuro. I miss you!

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