Ugandan teachers visit England

It has been our first day in the United Kingdom after arriving at Heathrow Air port yesterday at 9:20 pm.

Ramathan and I were picked by Adam from the airport and were driven home while Adam,Yowasi’s link teacher from Liss Junior school welcomed us to his home.

We reached home where we received a fantastic welcome from Alice (Mr.Stanley’s wife) and after the great meal we went to relax.

It was today morning after breakfast when Stuart (Stu) picked us to the Queen Elizabeth Country Park.

It was really a fantastic tour to the park which started with an orientation and tour around the country park offices which included Steve’s office in the place.

We met Steve and all the staff was really interesting.

Steve took us to have an experience with the activities done in the park in park more especially educational activities.

Most interesting we felt at home especially when we looked at a variety of wall charts replicating Queen Elizabeth Park in Uganda.

The wall contained photos of Kafuro School foundation building, which is in an alarming condition than when they took the picture some time back.

Stu took us on a snake tracking activity in the forested part of the part of country park. It was proved by the teachers that snakes had gone hibernation since it was too cold in the park.

We were driven to look at Portsmouth city,on our way to the city we were shown the hill that was modified into forts that helped Britain in the wars that happened between Britain and France.

We ware happy  when Stu mentioned that the area now is used as a recreational ground where people can now go for sports and every thing positive than in those years when it was used as a battle field.

Completing all the tour around  the offices and educational centres at the park, Stu and Steve thought about a wonderful area that we had not yet seen oooooh  “the Grand Fathers’ bottom.”

This area was compared to the Kyambura Gorge and the area was really very cold that coming out of the car was a problem.

At the Grandfather’s Bottom there was a gentleman with a small toy plane which is mostly used as a recreational game which does not interfere with conservation.

At Steve’s home, we met his family and enjoyed the guitar which was played by his daughter.

We set off from Steves’ home to go back to Adam’s.

Thanks to every one who has tried to make this colourful to us as it has been

More clear events to follow with tomorrow’s blog…..

Thanks for your reading.


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