Kafuro Primary School Independence Celebrations

All towns go Black, Yellow and Red.


Today the whole school began the Country’s Independence Jubilee celebration!!

The school was treated to an assembly this morning


The above Photo shows how pupils stand on assemblies according to classes at Kafuro PS



Mr. Yowasi in coordination with the Deputy head teacher began with the main question which started that “what is Independence?


The main and active response was noticed in upper classes mainly Primary Seven (the candidate class) as this was followed by a definition since Teacher Siragi has done a lot in teaching Social Studies.


The next question presented by Yowasi to mention some symbols of a nation were most children were eager to answer after detailed explanation in Local language (Gamba obumatso obubareberaho Ihanga eriri Kwetegyeka?  Yowasi translated to let all the audience have clear information).

Most of the national emblems were mentioned including:-

Uganda national flag (with Black, Yellow and Red colours) and the School own Uganda flag was raised.


The  Uganda National Flag


Uganda Coat of Arms

And when one tries to observe, the Crested Crane appears in all the Ugandan emblems.


Hence, the crane is the major Ugandan Peaceful animal and National bird.


National Anthem and many others with a description in each mentioned case, the answering of questions was succeeded over by several Discussion by Mr. Siragi who is our general Social Studies teacher (and even the Director of Studies/D.O.S )


This mainly included the time lines and linage in Uganda leadership and events as they importantly happened successively from the first day of independence Tuesday 09th October 1962 and pupils were surprised to hear that the 1962 independence was on the same day as that of this year from Yowasi who made this contribution as per the combined explanation.

The explanation continued to relate Uganda and Britain(United Kingdom) and other colonies as part of other countries in East Africa this then initiated Siragi’s explanation to base more ideas about how the Union Jack the Flag from Great Britain was lowered down and the Uganda National Flag that was designed by the then Justice Grace Ibingira was Raised in great honours that Ugandans were getting out of being ruled by colonial masters from England and we were and we are still ruled by our own Ugandans/Africans who are put to power by means of democratic casting of votes.


The whole story starts with Mr. Milton Abote becoming the first Prime minister under Kabaka Edward Mutesa II as the first President of the Independent Republic of Uganda and goes on up to YK Museveni who is the current president of the Republic of Uganda.

From the assembly which included mainly stories of 50 years back to date, all pupils appreciated the day with clapping & laughter.

The explanations and discussions about independence brought to children’s understanding that the former colonial masters are the friends of today sighting examples of when Yowasi was on table with Adam at Kafuro Primary school enjoying a meal as friends not as formally colonial masters!!!!, This also brought images of Peter and Johan’s visit at Kafuro to the heads of very many, which then was the story at break and lunch time in the staff room.

All the Visitors from UK with Ugandan UWA Officials at Katunguru Headquarters-Uganda



They lastly went to class and more stories, discussions and questions followed.



The school day ended at 3:30 pm (Ugandan time) as opposed to our usual ending time of 5:20pm for all normal teaching this was done special for our pupils to go and have nice celebrations in their homes.

(For the Districts celebrations are to be held 27 Km away from Kafuro PS, hence the distance does not favors our pupil to attend the celebrations near the District head quarters.

And on National level the celebrations will be held at Kololo Air Strip and from UK(former colonial masters we received the Duke of Kent Prince Edward (I don’t know if lake Edward in Uganda was named after him) representing the Her Majesty the Queen of England.














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  1. astanleyadmin says:

    Fantastic post Yowasi. Class AS have read the post together and discussed what independence means. One of the things we have discovered about Uganda is what the colours of the National flag are for: Red for the blood and brotherhood of the people, black for the skin of the people and yellow for the sun which provides warmth and light.

    We hope that you are all enjoying reading our posts about what we are learning about Uganda. Tomorrow we are being visited by three rangers from QENP, Ben, Moses and Jen and we will be asking them about conservation. I will post what happens tomorrow night.

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