Holidays at Kafuro

Hello everyone,
Thanks very much for the work you are doing in the World especially teachers who have maintained the parental heart to have the children got a lot of knowledge and skills through guidance.

For our term at Kafuro Primary school ended on Friday 25th April 2014
We are resuming after three weeks from the day of term ending.
With this term the children at Kafuro have been involved in conservation and sustainability.
This was mainly done through having conservation workshops, trial in conservation practice and other activities.
Pupils in Kafuro have vowed to have Kafuro and the general environment return its glory.
They have made a lot of cook stove, made a very large nursery bed for the trees to be distributed to the community to have more trees planted and others.
Next term will be dedicated to have more trees planted on irrgation process as the school have planted some, its now time for the village to have more planting trees.
The specie selected is friendly to the Environment( from research we confirm)

Hope to catch up very soon as we return
Thanks very much

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  1. yowasi says:

    The service of Clean cook stoves has even extended to the village as mothers had suffered cooking and going with red eyes and rough skin with to much smoke and heat.
    All work is done by the pupils with super guidance from the conservation Patron at ( also the coordinator)Kafuro Primary School.

    People have booked more service as we return next Term.

    Proud of the conservation and Wildlife clubs

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