Holiday Report for KafuroPrimary School



It was on 29th November 2012, that we were called at school say farewell to both our teachers.

We were all our fellow pupils of all lower and upper classes who had stayed at school as we had gone to do our examinations at the centre.


As out going candidates, we were all excited to have time to see our fellow pupils and our loved teacher whom we had spent much time without seeing since we completed our examinations.

It was amazing to chat and have all it takes to be happy and socialize with our fellow pupils.

All this happed since all the Teacher and some school stakeholders were in an end of term meeting in the office in the morning.


Their end of term social meeting ended at around 9:20 am and that when gathered up for an assembly where all the teachers and some of the school stakeholders like the ChairmanSchool management Committee and PTA Chairman were present.

Teacher Siragi who acted as the MC of the end of term three / year meeting read the day’s program.

It was followed by speeches by very many speakers who advised and guided us about our conduct during this long function full holiday.


Most shockingly is the news that our teacher Mr. Byaruhanga Yowasi was denied a Visa to visit our friends at Liss Junior school on behalf of the whole school!!!

Most encouraging, in his speech Mr. Byaruhanga started it clearly that all will be well in January 2013.

Having finished all the speeches and guidelines this even involve d the reading of the best performing candidates and some appraising presents were given out to all the best three performers in each class.

[excluding primary seven class which did its end of primary examinations and is waiting for results In late January]


Class teachers did general giving out of report cards in respective classes.


After all, we had to reassemble and receive final words of the head teacher and all the staff members who wished us


In addition, I wish all the readers of this blog a happy and merry X-mas and new year 2013.


Written by Bwambale Isaac out going School head boy.












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