Hello from Yowasi At Kafuro PS

Hello every body in the twinning project,   I can now breath more fresh air that Adam Stanley and Larry with the company of other teacher{ Rebecca and Tara } finally reached Uganda safely.Adam has done a lot him self and Larry has told very many stories as well as recording other to be told in the UK from Uganda.Rugby balls were automatically nick named ” Paw paws”  { At Liss J.School} Great thanks to the QE Twinning Project and every one for having sent out the great gentlemen and strong ladies over to meet us in Uganda.I think that we have enjoyed them very much than their original school and community have done!!!

Here with me today  I’m with Adam,Tara,Rabbeca and all other Ugandan teachers at the Hippo house and its very enjoyable with lot of ideas and nice conversations.

This Yowasi’s  first blog!!!

Hope to blog more about events and developments about Kafuro and Liss school

Yowasi Byaruhanga

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2 Responses to Hello from Yowasi At Kafuro PS

  1. aburford says:

    Hi Yowasi,
    Delighted that Adam arrived safely and that he has had the opportunity to share his enthusiasm for rugby. I hope the children also enjoy learning King Square as this is a very popular playtime game at Liss and it would be good to know that both schools were shared a playtime game.
    Thank you for taking good care of Adam. We are looking forward to welcoming you to Liss soon.

    With best wishes
    Andrew Burford

  2. hgreen says:

    Hello Yowasi !

    We are really looking forward to welcoming you to Liss in September. It has been fantastic to read how the children at your school have been enjoying the PawPaw’s (Tag Rugby). I am really excited about our link with you across the world and think that the children in Liss are very lucky to be meeting you soon.

    Very best wishes,
    Heather Green.

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