Excited about our new “School Grounds We Would Like”

Hello friends at Liss Junior school and the whole World.
Thanks very much for your attention and heed to always read share and learn from our blog.
Special greetings from your loved friends here in Uganda at Kafuro primary school
We have been discussing topic together with all the children in all schools.
We say welcome to your new term and we have all been keen to hear from you.

For all  year groups, we had to focus on the School Grounds We Would Like state.
This begun by making the traditional museum, this is a traditional building at school which we intend to develop and have it act as a traditional reference for both Kafuro and Liss schools plus other schools in the Twinning Project have to learn from each other about the tradition.

Our beautiful museum is planned to have most of the local materials that long ago people used  in their daily lives. We also have plans of making more of a learning centre where people from other countries can also come to the school and learn about the tradition of Banyankole who live in parts of Western Uganda.

In other news the pupils in upper classes have vowed to make some back clothes for the blanket using the local “ Mutooma tree” which is used for covering during the night and even for clothes to members of the house hold.

For the Natural international Museum at Kafuro, the work of partitioning has been completed and now children will be making the door and have all the traditional materials put and the floor which is very admirable by covering it with scented grass will be done and the next step will be opening of the museum which will happen when our visitors come over in July this year.
We are blessed to work with Mr. Stanley and Mrs Green plus all our friends at Liss junior school and other schools in the Twinning Project.

“Through our sharing learning, we have achieved and have changed lives” says Arinda Wilberforce.
A simple background about the museum, we remember it was started when Adam and Heather our loved friends from the Liss Junior school visited over in last July visit.
This was possible with the support of the parents and students who have gained more schools on building since it was set.
And what an amazing moment that we shall be launching it when they are over again.
Thanks the British Council for having supported as for exchanging learning and tradition plus experience in schools.

More about learning, the students and the school committees received books and other learning materials sent out through Molly and Yowasi with great happiness

“Kafuro community, how lucky we are to have friends in England, they have always supported our learning and all areas of human development. Congratulations Molly and Yowasi our genuine ambassadors for having a good trip and thanks very much for delivering all the materials which will help in learning of the pupils!” Chairman Apollo said.

On the School Grounds We Would Like Again, Mr. Yowasi extended the playground proposal from the students to the school management and the PTA committees.
We’re pleased to announce that they all realised the points as discussed by students and gave out (in this new term) the part of the school land to be turned into a play ground.
The students were very excited about the news and could not wait making all efforts to have it prepared for it to be used as soon as possible.


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