Henry Green’s first impressions of Uganda

Uganda itself

When I got out of the airport at Entebbe I was a little bit nervous. But then I met Ronnie with our car and he made me feel really at home. The people of Uganda are very relaxed but also very hard working. It is as almost as if when they are working, they don’t get stressed, not like they do in the UK.

The people in Uganda seem to think very differently about the world because they assume everyone is as positive as they are. Even if they don’t make the right decisions, they continue to be happy and make the best of all situations.

I have learnt a bit about the politics here. Even if they do not agree with all the decisions made, they continue with their lives and make the best of every situation. I think we could learn a lot from the people of Uganda. Not only their mentality to be happy and work hard but their enthusiasm towards everything they do.

The Conservation Cup Rugby Tournament

I thought that the rugby tournament was very well organised and a huge success. All the children seemed determined to win. They looked like they were really enjoying it and had a nice time making new friends. I also met my brother at the tournament, from Katunguru. The other children of Kutunguru primary said that he could be my brother because he has lighter coloured skin than everyone else. He is also 14 years old just like me.

The teachers looked just as enthusiastic to win the Conservation cup as the children did. There was a raffle and 2 pupils from Kyambura primary won the signed Harlequins rugby ball and the football kindly donated by Nick from CM Sports.

Congratulations to St. John’s Primary who won and all the children that took part. Also to all the people that worked hard to make it happen. Especially to Yowasi for over-seeing all of the arrangements.

Kafuro Primary School

Kafuro seemed very small compared to Liss Junior School. There were lots of pupils crammed in to classrooms. I was surprised that the Nursery  class was built in to the Primary School. I was impressed and surprised by their enthusiasm for learning and how many hours they do a day.

In the assembly they all listened for a long time and didn’t talk at all. I thought it was really cool that they had assemblies outside and wish I could have done that more often when I was at Liss.

I thought that the staffroom was simple and it was very small. On the walls of the Headteacher’s office, it was covered in hand drawn posters of motivational references.

I was very glad to see the solar panels up and running and functional. The children seemed very excited and lively to see me.

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