Stu the ranger’s visit to Uganda – Day 2

Stu’s adventures continue with Another quiet day in Entebbe and still in green valley guest house in the parrot room. Another lovely breakfast of Spanish omelette, sausage, Pineapple,  banana, and toast. The bread here is sweeter than the UK and I like to plonk my omelette on top. To accompany it there is real fruit juice (if you leave it for a minute it separates into juice and water) or tea from a flask. The tea comes with tea spice – something I’ve not seen in the UK.

The shower and the plumbing are all made in England?! Seems like an overly expensive place to get it and the water is, true to form, cold even after switching the hot water on. It’s doing something though because the electricity tingles through my arm when I touch the tap.

After breakfast I got word that the team coming out were stuck in Dubai. By fog on runway. FOG! DUBAI? Didn’t expect that and trumps the vehicle troubles I’ve had on previous trips! They will be joining me tomorrow afternoon so Ronnie and I nip out to reorganise the programme. I meet our vehicle for the week. Will be christening her straight after we’ve decided on a name. Then on to faze3 for my first tilapia (fish) of the trip. It’s a meaty fish, grilled and served whole which is great when you like to play with your food.

In the afternoon Ronnie dropped me in Entebbe and I wondered round. Resisting things like the gangnam toys…

So no conservation yet. Chimp island to report on and the epic journey the other team members had from Dubai in tomorrow’s report.


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