Latest Twinning Project Meeting – An introduction to St Lucia

Thursday was an opportunity for the UK co-ordinators of the Twinning Project to hold our half – termly meeting. We had a special guest at this meeting: we were joined by Martina Attille, a teacher specialising in film from London, who has met Mr Stanley on several occasions through their work with Film Club. Martina was at the meeting because she wanted to find out about how the Twinning Project works and whether it is a model that could also work for her in setting up links with a school in St Lucia. Martina shared with us work that she had carried out in the past when she volunteered in a school in St Lucia for six months. In turn, we were able to talk about many of the successful projects we have carried out in the past and how we have built strong relationships through conservation and discovering similarities. Martina went away with lots of ideas and our support.

The rest of the meeting concerned communication between schools and an outline of plans for visits to schools next year. Steve Peach also told the meeting about how hard he is working to ensure that Ugandans are given visas when they want to visit the UK. He has been writing to many MPs and has even contacted a body that investigates border agencies.

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