Uganda Trip 2014 – One day to go!

The last day before Mrs Green and myself fly out to Uganda and most of the packing is done. We fly out from Heathrow Airport at 8.00pm tomorrow night arriving at Entebbe at 9.15am local time on Friday. While we are in Uganda they have certain jobs to carry out:

1.Buying Kafuro beehives and teaching the the children about bees.

2.Teaching more Ugandan teachers how to blog.

3.Sharing learning about Mongoose and following up on the sessions Jenni Sanderson from the Banded Mongoose Project ran with the children.

4.Teaching Ugandan children how to use a roamer

5.Sharing with them the script for Macbeth so in time they can put on their own production.

6.Tag rugby coaching

7.Whiteboard work.

8.Running a moth competition similar to the competition run at Liss

9.Delivering the books you’ve donated.

10.Delivering your letters.

11. Learning how to use wattle and daub to build a structure

12. Learning 50 key words in the local language to teach to children back at Liss.


As stated in assembly we are running a competition for all the children (including those leaving Year 6) to come up with the best questions about our adventures. The pupil that asks the winning question through the comments board will receive a special prize. Mrs Green and I will obviously try to answer your questions as best we can.


The next post will come from Uganda!

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2 Responses to Uganda Trip 2014 – One day to go!

  1. Ezri osborne says:

    Hope you had a good night.What is the most feared animal in Uganda? Did the children like playing rugby and king square ? How different is Uganda to England? What types of hats do they were? My last comment was a bit too soon, sorry about that have a good day
    from Ezri :):):)

  2. Ezri Osborne says:

    Hi how was your journey? did any of you fall asleep how is Yowasi and the kids. From the airport you land at how long does it take to get to Kafuro? what are you going to have to eat tonight? Is it different to English food. Have a good day.
    from Ezri :):):):)

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