Uganda 2017 Day 15: You’ve got mail!

Today was supposed to have been an early start, but thankfully Yowasi contacted me to let me know that he had an urgent appointment and could we meet him at 10.00am at Kyambura as opposed to 8.30am. This meant that Mrs Green , Calum and I all got a bit of a lie in and we were able to have a more leisurely breakfast at Tembo. Today, the weather was overcast and there was a bit of a chill in the air – it could’ve been the UK in April or May.

We left for Kyambura at 9.10am. Passage out of the park was smooth and the fact that I was driving on the Katunguru – Kyambura road for the last time on this trip made the bumps and potholes a bit more bearable. We didn’t have to drive all the way to Kyambura in the end as Yowasi met us two –thirds of the way there. He had letters for the children at Liss from Kafuro pupils and letters for the children at Sheet from Kyambura pupils. However, he was full of cold, could barely speak and was wearing a thick jumper and a coat. We told him to go home and go to bed, but he insisted that he had things to do at school.

We said our goodbyes to Yowasi and headed home stopping off at the visitor centre to say ‘hello’ to a few rangers that we knew. Once home, I began to read my book but soon fell asleep. The others did exactly the same – I think the busy week caught up with us.

By the time we had all woken up, it was late afternoon. We decided to go for a walk around peninsula and headed up the airstrip towards the Kazinga Channel. I was trying to take photos of birds to impress my brother (who’s an avid twitcher), but they would never stand still for long enough for me to get a decent shot. We looked at the new dormitories for the education centre and said ‘hello’ to Solomon from the Banded Mongoose Project before heading home and getting ready for dinner.

When we got to Tembo, the World Athletics Championships were on TV, so we got to watch some of that for the first time. However, at half past nine, the TV channel was switched over to the beginning of the Premier League football and the game between Arsenal & Leicester City. As readers of this blog will know, I’ve mentioned in the past how big the Premier League is in Uganda. Just about all the Ugandans in Tembo were supporting Arsenal while Calum is a Leicester City fan. It made for a lot of great banter. SuperSport’s (the South African TV station broadcasting the game) coverage was interesting to watch: they had the BBC’s Alan Shearer and Phil Neville as analysts and the ITV commentary team calling the game. The Ugandans are very informed on each team and love talking about football. They all went home happy – unfortunately the same can’t be said for Calum after Arsenal won 4 – 3!

Tomorrow, we’re off to Rwenzori Mountain Park for a walk.

Finally, answers to Mrs Prior’s questions courtesy of Yowasi. Ugandans don’t have a tooth fairy, but children are encouraged to put teeth that have fallen out in a hole in the wall of the house – the rat’s hole. If they check later, they will find a small sum of money. There is no sandman, but Ugandans are encouraged to go to bed in a good mood because then they will have good dreams, a bad mood means bad dreams.

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