Uganda 2016 Day Fourteen – Back to Entebbe

Having done the majority of our packing last night, we were up at 05.55 and on the road at 06.35. It is always sad to say goodbye to Mweya, but there was a spectacular sunrise to compensate. We made excellent progress and arrived at Fort Portal at 09.00 for breakfast. When we had finished, Mrs Green and Henry did a bit of shopping while I went to meet Norah, a ranger based at Fort Portal, who is very interested in the work of the Twinning Project in QENP. We had a delightful chat for thirty minutes and I hope that I was able to give Norah some useful information. I have had so many invitations to visit other national parks in Uganda, so next year I need to start taking up a few offers.

We continued to move rapidly across the country and (other than a five-minute stop for drinks at Mudebende) made it to the outskirts of Kampala at 14.00. The traffic in Kampala was busy as usual, but not quite as mad as it normally is. We made it to Entebbe by 15.30.

The rest of the afternoon was spent buying competition prizes and presents. I had fun negotiating to buy the children’s competition prize and a couple of t-shirts for myself. We finally checked in to Entebbe Zoo (UWEC) at 17.00 and watched some of the animals before heading for dinner at the restaurant. The tilapia here are much bigger than those from Mweya, so I felt as if I’d eaten my own body weight.

Tomorrow, we should hopefully have a meeting with the british Council in Kampala before a potential visit to the cinema (Ugandan style). Our flight bak to the UK leaves in the early hours of Friday morning. There will be a final blog post over the weekend summing up the trip and including our favourite memories and I will upload some of the best photos over the next couple of weeks.

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