Uganda 2016 Day Eleven – Wildlife Galore

Today was a genuine day off although we had to be up at 06.00 to go on a game drive. Our guide for the morning was a ranger called Godfrey. He told us that his surname translated into English meant ‘wake up.’ We were going to head out to the savannah to see what we could find, but we had our first encounter soon after we left the main gate. We were heading towards the main road when four hyenas crossed the road in front of us. This was the first time I have ever seen them in the wild and I was quite excited. We moved on to the savannah and immediately found three lions. Godfrey said that they were brothers and we tracked them as they walked across the savannah and moved towards a group of cob who, not surprisingly, ran away as quickly as they could.

A couple of minutes later, Godfrey got a phone call saying that seven lions had made a kill near Katunguru and were feasting on the carcass. I turned the Land Cruiser around and headed for Katunguru as fast as I could. We got there in about ten minutes and one hundred yards from the school on the other side of the road there were six lions eating what remained of a waterbuck. We were as close as five metres from them. Henry and Mrs Green got some great photos of them.

We headed back to the savannah and managed to see another couple of lions, but they were at a much greater distance. After that we headed back to Mweya. We were twenty seconds away from seeing a leopard but as we got into the position it disappeared into the bush.

We had a late breakfast at Tembo and then went back to Hippo House. I caught up on my blogging and also some reading as well as arranging to have the Land Cruiser cleaned.

Next, we went on the Kazinga Channel cruise. We didn’t see any elephants this year, but there was an abundance of hippos including a three-week old baby. There were also lots of fish eagles and some truly scary crocodiles. I stood up on the top deck in the sunshine and admired the incredible views.

Tonight will be another early night as we have to go down to Bukorwe early in the morning.


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