Uganda 2015 Day 13 – A long drive

A 5.30am start was not what I wanted as I was still very tired. Worse still, I was worrying about getting up on time and therefore slept very badly. Fortunately, a nice cold bottle shower made me feel wide awake. Mrs Green and I had both packed the night before so, after checking that Hippo House was tidy, we left promptly at 6.20am. We had some passengers: Bibian, one of the waitresses at Tembo, wanted to travel back to Kampala to see her parents and she asked if we could take her sister and their two children too. With plenty of room in the vehicle, it was no problem and we left Mweya with all of them on board.

We made a stop at Kasese to fill up with petrol (about 75p a litre)and to say goodbye to Jackie (who was on a holiday from Tembo). After that we had some uninterrupted driving time. I was determined to complete the journey as quickly as possible, so I really put my foot down. Sunday is a really good day to travel in Uganda, there is far less traffic on the roads. We reached Fort Portal just after 9.00am and stopped for some breakfast for thirty minutes. After that it was foot to the throttle again and we made rapid progress, the rhythm of Mrs Green’s snoring was the perfect accompaniment to my IPod playlist. I had been a bit worried about the possibility of bad weather as I remember Steve Peach having to drive back in a tropical storm, but the sky was clear and it wasn’t too hot either.

We reached the outskirts of Kampala at just after 1.00pm where we dropped off Bibian, her sister and the children. Now I had to cope with driving through Kampala to get on to the main road to Entebbe. Fortunately, it wasn’t too bad and (with Mrs Green acting as a second pair of eyes and ears) we only came close to killing/being killed twice when people suddenly pulled out in front of us. With the added bonus of the buda budas (scooters) swarming in and out of the cars it was a fun couple of hours. We arrived at Entebbe at 3.00pm and checked into our guesthouse (UWEC, which is where we normally stay, was fully booked). Ronnie, our driver last year, had sorted out the Serene Guesthouse and go us a discount. We were really impressed with our rooms, they had free wireless and hot showers that actually worked.

After freshening up we went for a stroll in Entebbe and sat down for a beer (or two). Mrs Green and I talked about our highlights from the trip (more on this to come). One thing we both agreed on is that a summer without a couple of weeks in Uganda wouldn’t be summer. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Africa really gets under your skin.

We went back to the guesthouse and got a message that Ronnie was coming to see us. He was extremely busy with clients, but we got to have a half hour chat and catch up properly. After Ronnie left we decided to go to Gorettis for dinner. This is a pizza restaurant on the shores of Lake Victoria and the views are spectacular. I had an amazing ham and pineapple pizza while Mrs Green had some very nice carbonara style dish.

Tomorrow is our final day in Uganda and we have a meeting with the British Council.


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