Uganda 2015 Day 12 – Where’s Wilbur?

The beginning of today was really lazy. We both lay in and didn’t make it down to breakfast until after 12.00pm. Children reading this will obviously think that Mr Stanley is very lazy, but when you’ve been travelling as much as I have you would know how tired I actually was. We ended up having brunch at Tembo and while Mrs Green read her book I watched England reclaim the Ashes on a South African sports channel. The only downer was that there weren’t any Australians to sympathise with!

After not very much discussion we made a decision that it would be nice to drive out to Kafuro and beyond to see what it was like at the weekend. After filling up with petrol we drove off the Mweya peninsula and headed off to Kafuro. I’ve mentioned before that the Ugandans are crazy about the Premier League, but today it took on new proportions. As we drove through Katunguru commentary on the Man Utd vs Tottenham game was being pumped out of speakers right through the village – maybe they were worried that the elephants wouldn’t know the score.

As we arrived in Kafuro there was lots of excitement with children and parents waving and shouting greetings. We decided to drive past the village first of all and see some of the views, which were naturally spectacular. After  a while we returned to the village, parked and thought we’d go for a walk around. First we popped in at the school where there was a singing club taking place. I think our presence wasn’t necessarily a good thing as most of the children ran out and mobbed us.  We decided to walk down past the school and as we did more and more children joined us; Mrs Green was the Pied Piper of Kafuro without the pipe.

Next, we decided to go down and see the lake. Again more children joined us. Then I had what I thought was an inspired idea – wouldn’t it be good to go and see Wilbur (the very funny boy in P6 who we weren’t able to say goodbye to because he was absent on our last day) and say ‘goodbye’ to him personally. What I thought would be a gentle walk turned out to be the best part of a couple of miles with an ever growing band of children accompanying us. We bumped into Richard, the headteacher, and said ‘Hello’ before we finally found Wilbur. He was overwhelmed to see us and his brother invited us all in to his house for a meal, but we politely declined as we had caused enough havoc for one day. We posed for photos with the children and then walked back to the car. I bought the children some more of the lollipops from the local store and we drove back as the sun began to lower in the sky having said a fond farewell (again) to Kafuro.

After doing our packing ready for the trip to Entebbe tomorrow, we went down to Tembo for our last meal with Jess and walked in on another Premier League match between Chelsea and Swansea City. I caused some bemusement when one of the rangers asked me who I wanted to win and I replied that I wanted them both to lose!

We met with Robert (one of the rangers who we also had to interview) for twenty minutes before having a really nice evening meal. Godfrey, the head of tourism, joined us for some of the evening and Mrs Green sprung a surprise by having a cake made for me for all the driving I’d done. It was a ‘small’ cake that was so big there was enough for all the customers and staff at Tembo!

After the meal Jess dropped us off at Hippo House. What happened next was frightening. There was an elephant in her garden which took offence at Jess’ vehicle for some reason. Although Jess backed off and reversed her truck slowly, the elephant charged and put a big dent in the side. I rang some rangers and they soon dispersed the elephant, but it just goes to show that you can’t be too careful.

Tomorrow, we have to be up at 5.30am for the big drive back to Entebbe.


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