Uganda 2015 Day 10 – A break in sight!

Today was our last official day of business before a couple of days off. We were meeting Yowasi’s district education officer at 9.00am, and it was a fair drive so we skipped breakfast and made sure that we left Mweya at 8.00am. We were on time to meet Yowasi at 8.55am, but then received a message that the DEO was busy until 10.00am. With a bit of time on our hands Yowasi took us to a motel where they were serving breakfast. Yowasi, Mrs Green and I had a rolex each. It wasn’t quite as good as Tembo’s, but it was still very nice all the same.

From the motel it was a five minute drive to the District Education Office where we met Stephen, the DEO. He was a very nice man and extremely interested in the Twinning Project. The Ugandan curriculum is quite rigid, but he identified areas where the teaching methods we use would really benefit Ugandan children. He put me on the spot at one point by asking me what I thought of the Chinese education system, but really liked my answer fortunately! I also shared the blog with him and he was very supportive.

The meeting finished at about 11.00am and we dropped Yowasi off at his house leaving us with five hours until our next meeting. We decided that there was no point in going back to Mweya, so decided to drive along to a spot overlooking Kyambura Gorge where Mrs Green has bought honey before. The man that runs the store is a relative of Winie, the headteacher of Rumuri Primary School, and we enjoyed talking to him and his friend. Most Ugandan men are obsessed with Premier League football so I discussed with them the various teams and rivalries.

At about 1.00pm Mrs Green and I headed down to Katunguru. We visited the Women’s Craft Collective where we bought some gifts to take home and then headed to a stall to buy some washing powder. All of a sudden we bumped into Peter and Johann Welch (People who have followed the blog for a long time will know that Peter and Johann visited Kafuro before my first trip to Uganda and sent back regular emails). They were having lunch with Ramathan in the same restaurant as we had been in the previous day. They asked us in for a drink and it was nice to catch up with them. They were pleased to hear that our partnership with Kafuro was going from strength to strength.

When the others left Mrs Green and I stayed behind to play pool. We played best of three on a table which can only be described as unique. Mrs Green won 2-1! I will dwell on this no more!

At 4.00pm we went up to UWA headquarters to meet with Olivia,  the new community and conservation warden. She was in a meeting so we had to wait until 5.20pm to see her, but she was lovely and appeared to be very switched on and supportive. We will report back to Steve Peach when we get back home.

Tembo was very relaxed as the last of our school business is done and we can finally relax. Tomorrow is a proper day off. We’re going mongoose trekking with Jess and then for a cruise on the Kazinga Channel.

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