Uganda 2014 Day 14: Return to Entebbe

Mrs Green writes:

Woke up at 5am and loaded the van with our suitcases. At 6am, we made our way out of QE Park and on our way to Entebbe. We crossed the equator and stopped at Fort Portal for breakfast of scrambled egg and toast. There also happened to be a craft shop by the restaurant and were also able to pick up some gifts. 1 and half hours later, we were back on the road again. Soon after we met a tropical storm and the heavens opened! It was very hard rain which didn’t let up for long and made driving conditions very difficult.

After negotiating Kampala, we finally arrived at Entebbe Zoo at about 5pm. Dinner at the Zoo restaurant was lovely Talapia and chips and some Nile Special. As I sat there, I noticed a swarm of bats. I thought my evening dodging bats was over but alas no, even worse than the 2 or 3 at Tembo. We checked in our flights and made our way to bed before another big day of travelling tomorrow.

Mr Stanley writes:

After another good night’s sleep I woke at 5.00am and had my last bottle shower for this trip. After two weeks, showering with cold water out of a 1.5 litre bottle feels completely normal. Steve and I soon packed cases on our bus and we were ready to leave at 5.50am. Despite the early hour two rangers, Robert and Robert were there ready to say goodbye to us. Steve and I were sharing driving duties for our van and it was my job to drive to Mubende (two thirds of the way to Entebbe). Steve would take over for the final third which included negotiating Kampala (an ants’ nest).

I had set myself the objective of getting to Entebbe while it was still light and there was time enough to have a look around UWEC Zoo where we were staying. Progress was excellent; the roads were mainly clear and I was able to really out my foot down. My confidence on Ugandan roads has really improved, and on a clear sunny morning driving was an absolute delight.

We reached Fort Portal (one third of the way) at 9.00am, bang on target. Having driven solidly for three hours, the last thing I wanted to do was to sit on my backside for the next 90 minutes as well, so I made my excuses and went wandering. First of all I went to the Orange shop to find Robinson (the former manager of the Kasese Orange shop who had helped me so much two years ago), but he was out on a job. So I went exploring around the town picking up some food and drink as I went and remembering to take my anti-malaria tablet for the day.

We started driving again at 10.30am and once again conditions were perfect. I passed the other Twinning Project vehicle and put some clear space between us. Occasionally we encountered some heavy goods vehicles that slowed us down, but for the main part we made great progress. Mrs Green (as far as I could see) spent most of the journey asleep.

As we approached Mubende I remarked to Steve that the clouds seemed to be gathering, and as we pulled into the town at 1.00pm it began to rain. Steve and I swapped over, and I soon had every reason to be grateful for this as the heavens opened and for the first time I experienced real African rain. The rain was so heavy that you could barely see five metres in front of the vehicle and our progress slowed to a crawl. Fortunately, the storm only lasted 15 minutes, but poor Steve had to drive in persistent rain for the rest of the journey. Added to this the other vehicle had a flat tyre so we had to stop for twenty minutes to change it.

Having negotiated Kampala with aplomb thanks to Steve’s skillful driving we arrived at UWEC Zoo in Entebbe at 4.50pm. Most of the group were very hungry so we went straight down to dinner which was tilapia and chips washed down with a couple of Nile Specials. There was plenty of talk about the achievements of the trip and hopes and expectations for next time. As I write this sitting in my banda everyone else has gone to bed and tomorrow we all fly home at different times. Mrs Green and I have the last flight (but we arrive back before everyone else) so we are going to spend some of the day exploring Entebbe.

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  1. Kath miles says:

    It has been a great blog to read, I felt I was there with you ! Safe journey back and will look forward to seeing the photo’s , I expect Mrs G has taken one or two !!

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