Uganda 2014 Day 13: A meeting and packing up

I had seven hours uninterrupted sleep last night, the most in months, so felt an awful lot better this morning. We had an early breakfast at Tembo as we were expected down at UWA headquarters for a meeting at 10.00am. We expected this to be mainly ceremonial. To our surprise we found that most of the senior leadership who were available were there. The focus of the meeting was reviewing the work of the Twinning Project over the last five years. The educational side of this came out particularly strongly across all of the schools, but the UWA leadership were particularly interested in the bees project and The School We’d Like competition. I ended up speaking for about five minutes about this. One of the things that I tried to highlight was the work of the community rangers and Janet (the community ranger for Kafuro) has been vital in supporting Kafuro with their work.

After the meeting finished we posed for photos with the UWA leadership before heading home via Katunguru Primary School where we dropped off some rugby balls. At the time of writing I have just finished packing as we will be leaving Mweya between 6.00 – 7.00am tomorrow. This is the worst part of the trip as it is a long journey without the expectation that accompanies the beginning of the trip.

Later on this afternoon we have a second cruise on the Kazinga Channel before we return to Tembo for the last time for dinner with some of the friends we have made while we have been in Uganda. It promises to be a good night, but also sad as we will be saying some ‘goodbyes’.

Mrs Green writes:

Last breakfast at Tembo! Fruit and toast again but no lucky door stop for me! After some last minute photos we left to go to the UWA Headquarters. I was feeling very sad as it is the last day in this truly beautiful place that I now leave a large part of my heart in.

On the way to the UWA Headquarters, Caroline asked if I was ok, and that was it. The flood gates opened! I managed to sort myself out before we arrived at the UWA HQ. It was a very interesting meeting, and also very positive in terms of the long term goals of the Twinning Project working. We met with a room full of Ugandan’s headed up by Doctor Margaret and ‘Fred’. We had a group photo and then headed back to Hippo House. We went for a quick bite to eat at the canteen which was a triple decker cheese and tomato toastie and chips! Yum!

Next we went off for a boat trip that was now postponed until 5pm. We took the opportunity to go on the upper deck this time and saw plenty of Hippos (my personal favourite!). There were also a few crocs and buffalo but not as much wildlife as before. After our boat trip we had a Tea party at Tembo where Joshua had made a banquet! This was to say thank you to all the park rangers that had looked after us so well and made us so welcome, arranging trips and meetings for us. We had some fun playing card games with Caroline, Liz, Joseline, Meg and Bea before returning back to Hippo House for bed before a very early start tomorrow, starting our journey home.

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  1. Adam's mum says:

    Looking forward to hearing all about it and seeing the pictures. Have a good trip back.

    Mum x

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