Uganda 2014 Day 10: A well deserved rest day

After a very busy week this was the day we all needed. There was a long lazy breakfast at Tembo and Mrs Green, like the star she is, asked Vincent about some of the key words in his language. For the next 90 minutes a group of us were rapt as he took us through all the key words plus some of the subtleties and peculiarities. Mrs Green was frantically making notes and writing down words (phonetically if necessary) from which she will be producing displays that will be a stepping stone towards the International Schools Award.


The rest of the day very little happened. People were washing, blogging, sitting outside on the veranda taking in the view or taking an occasional stroll. I decided to show Mrs Green some parts of Mweya that she hadn’t seen so far so we walked up the airstrip, found the football pitch, explored the education centre and its kitchens and just generally had a lazy stroll. Dinner was a relaxed affair where the biggest laugh came from Jackie’s (the fab waitress at Tembo) attempts to pronounce Chicken Schnitzel.


We were hoping to go on a game drive late in the afternoon as no one had seen any lions as yet, but we were told that there had been no sightings recently. However, a number of rangers are looking out for signs and we have been told we will be contacted if lions are seen.

Mrs Green writes:

Today was a rest day. Phew! It has been really full on but fantastic all the while. We went down to Tembo for breakfast and Mr Vicent from Bukorwe Primary school helped us with a Ugandan language and vocabulary lesson. He helped us with keywords that we can teach you all when we get back at school. After our lesson, we went back to our Hippo House and relaxed by reading / blogging when we could and took a walk around the park. After this we had dinner and went to bed.


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