Ranger Joe’s second day in Uganda

Joe has sent the following message from Uganda:

Hi everyone! Just another short blog to let you guys know what I’m up to over here I Uganda, I had a great day today white water rafting along the Nile! The Rapids where amazing fun and I fell in a lot (which was sometimes a bit scary!) I saw some lovely birds along my travel down the Nile including cormorants and kingfishers. It’s was really beautiful and very exciting! I can’t wait to get down to queen, I’ll be leaving early tomorrow from Jinja to get there.

Joe has been staying with Raymond Engena, who wrote this:

The word “Culture” triggers different sentiments in different people.
To some, who want to run away, it is backwardness. Others take pride in it to show dominance and superiority of one culture over another. To me, culture is a very good mechanism for passing knowledge from one generation to another.

Take the Lango culture of ” maki welo Gweno”. (Giving a live chicken (not a roaster) to a visitor). A very simple expression of love and welcome. But more importantly a mechanism to keep each others memory alive, especially in those days when mobile telephone technology was still considered an impossibility.

It did not matter whether the visitor left the chicken behind or took it with them. The chicken remained a bond between them. It will lay eggs and hatch chicks. There will be talk of so and so’s chicken is laying eggs or has hatched so well. The visitor is therefore not forgotten.

So, Joe was wondering what to do with the chicken. Well, we will look after it. It will give us eggs and more chicks. But it will always be Joe’s chicken.

In short Joe will be remembered long after he has gone to learn how to be a good ex-citizen of the European Union.

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