Our first ever study tour

Warm greetings to all our friends at Liss Junior School. We are privileged to keep learning and supporting each other in keeping our learning progressing.


Our school term have been a very busy one as all our teachers had to finalize with primary seven class which did its end of primary exams in the week of his month. We are grateful for the best wishes message sent by Mr. Adam Stanley.

Our school study tour trip.

In background, this has been waited for since the school begun. This has been the first of its kind.

Mr. Byaruhanga Yowasi has been pushing for this to happen in several meetings with UWA staff and our friends in the QEPP.

It was amazing for the long awaited day came to happen.

The trip was booked to take place on 22nd  Aug. 2017. This day, it was a very exciting day as all was set for us to move to the trip for our study and most importantly looking to admire our national park where we expected to meet lots of animals.

On the time we had to board the car, our water and all the food arrived for the journey. Only to hear, that the car in which we were travelling had got a mechanical problem and of which they thought would be solved by twelve noon. We all had to look at the condition though we were very eager to go.

It was strange that we had to eat and drink all we had prepared for that day in that morning and moved back home. We decided to push our trip to next Friday of the same week which would reach 25th Aug. 2017.

On Friday morning, after several preparation meetings, no hesitation,  our car arrived in the morning, we all boarded and started singing before it started the engine. We were very excited and had prepared all we wanted ….including our own questions to the guides we would meet.

Our journey started with a game drive along the Katwe Rroad in Queen Elizabeth National Park.

It was very good that we managed to see most of the animals as it had rained overnight and lots of buffalos were near the main road plus elephants.

In brief, we toured the katwe salt pan were we learnt about the economic activity in the area as opposed to our village where we grow crops.

It was good to work with Isaac as our Katwe area guide. From his lecture, we asked him questions and it was good we learnt a lot from him.

Salt trucks were very many and we also bought salt to take home as we use it in our food.

From Katwe we went to Kilembe mines  via Kasese hotsprings . it was terrible looking at River Nyamwamba at Kilembe and see how the hospital was washed.

We toured Kilembe mines where all the stories blessed Uganda being rich with lots of minerals.

We entered the tunnel which meant that we got a chance to carry Mount Rwenzori on our back.

We also went on the Kasese Airstrip.

We thank you for your support to have this trip happen.

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