Muhudi’s second day at Liss

Muhudi writes:

On my second day at Liss I attended the play ground where I Played Kingsquare with the children and Mr Stanley. The game was so interesting. After that I attended classes and taught about weather differences between Kafuro and Liss. It’s like the sun has no use in the UK because however it shines, the coldness doesn’t change! So scared!!!!! I further attended Mrs Green’s class where they showed me what Molly taught them. I also taught them reading runyankole figures 1-20.

I further went on for cultiral museum JA/CA class where students explained to me Liss cultural museum, and later I had to explain about ours at Kafuro. The lesson was so interesting. With Mr. Adam we taught DC cooking rolex chapattis,and ended the day.  On return to Heather for my night Adam passed me via a supermarket where he bought for me supper that was so delicious(Chips&Fish).Fellow countrymen the weather is so lovely. Nice time guys.


Mr Stanley writes:

It was another early start for Muhudi. He was up at 6.30pm for a breakfast of Liss honey on toast, poshi (a porridge made of millet flour, water and sugar) and scrambled eggs. He came with Mr Stanley to help him with his playground duty and joined in with a game of Kingsquare. The children made him welcome, but when it came to competition they took no prisoners and he was swiftly knocked out as was Mr Stanley.

Muhudi’s first lesson was comparing weather data with Classes EJ & DC. The children looked at weather data from November in Liss and Kafuro and discussed the differences. This led into a more general discussion on the different climates and the types of rainfall. There was also an opportunity to ask Muhudi some questions about life in Uganda. The children will be doing some follow up work on the weather data in maths. He then went on to do some language work with HG.

Muhudi’s afternoon consisted of a cultural museum talk with AC & JA before teaming up with Mr Stanley to teach the children in DC how to make Ugandan rolex. After school there was a special treat as Mr Stanley took Muhudi to get fish and chips, which Yowasi loved. It’s safe to say that it went down just as well with Muhudi!

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