Muhudi’s tour of London

After a Saturday morning lie in, Muhudi had another very busy day. After a breakfast of porridge and toast it was off to ASDA with Mr Stanley to go food shopping. Muhudi was very impressed with the size and scale of ASDA, and even more impressed that they sold popcorn which he loves.

Armed with said popcorn and other shopping he returned home and prepared for the trip to London. Muhudi was very impressed with the speed and efficiency of the trains (probably the only person currently in the UK to think this) and also enjoyed travelling on the London Underground. In the space of the afternoon and evening Muhudi visited the Central London Mosque, a Ugandan shop in Tottenham as Mr Stanley was trying to find some Nile Special (he failed miserably), Oxford Circus, Regent Street, Piccadilly Circus, Trafalgar Square (with hundreds of Santas gathered around Nelson’s Column), Uganda House, The British Council, Buckingham Palace, Westminister and the London Eye.

As Muhudi had missed the opportunity to go horseriding with HG (he arrived a day too late) Mr Stanley arranged for him to have a ride on a fairground carousel so Muhudi is now considered a prince in Uganda.

Muhudi was very impressed with London and thought it was a beautiful city.


Muhudi writes:

It was really amazing stepping in  England’s city “London” Surely thank you Mr.Adam. -Firstly, I enjoyed the train ride for my 1st time. Next was that Mr.Adam further managed to take me to the Central London Mosque where I had my Zuhur prayers. From there we went to Uganda Embassy where I met The Uganda Flag flying. I also saw the great River Thames flowing through the city. I saw the palace of the Queen where I say ‘hello’ to the Queen. From the palace, to the Parliament of England which is a tall, large beautiful building. Then we moved down to where I managed to have A HORSE RIDE hence gaining a title of A Prince.

Really great thanks to Mr. Adam Stanley for making my Trip a success with all provision rendered to me like: Transport, drinks, a nice lunch at the railway station And really moving on foot for almost 1o miles within London which I never expected from you .

I further thank the Twinning Project and the British Council for organising these Educative Trips that stimulates effective learning.Lastly I thank Mr.Yowasi for his effective co-ordination. Grateful!!!!!




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