Muhudi’s third day at Liss

Friday was another busy day for Muhudi. A full day of teaching at Liss was on the menu and this started with a cultural museum presentation to Classes KR and AS. The next two sessions were cooking rolex with the two aforementioned classes. Mr Stanley and Muhudi are so used to cooking rolex now that they are considering going into partnership and setting up a rolex stall in Katunguru.

Muhudi’s final session of the day at Liss was giving a talk about Islam to Class JA. Mrs Armstrong reported that the talk was brilliant and an hour wasn’t enough to answer all the questions the children had. Muhudi joined Film Club after school to watch The Sorcerer’s Apprentice and then went to visit Liss Scouts in the evening. Muhusi runs the scouts at Kafuro and he drilled the Liss scouts. There are some similarities in how the scouts operate in both countries, but a lot of differences also.

Tomorrow Muhudi will be visiting the sites in London.

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