Muhudi’s first day at Liss Junior School

Muhudi writes:

It has been so great with enjoyment as I stepped at the premises of Liss Junior School. A good welcome and hospitality from all the staff members, good reception from the headteacher. great thanks to Mr Adam who picked me from the airport as I was stranded, I further thank Heather for having prepared my supper and where to sleep.  I hope for a good cooperation during my stay.


Mr Stanley writes:

It has been great having Muhudi in the UK. It took him a while to get through baggage ayt the airport, but when he finally arrived we made up for lost time and were soon in Hampshire having stopped off at Queen Elizabeth Country Park for some warm clothes. Muhudi’s first meal was an omelette before he had a well deserved sleep after such a long journey – 14 hours sleep is a pretty good start.

Today has been a busy day at the school.This morning Muhudi arrived at Liss to see the national flag of Uganda flying from the flagpole. He met the staff members and was taken on a tour of the school before sitting down to watch the school production of Aladdin Trouble. After a tuna baked potato lunch, Muhudi taught children from Class EJ how to make rolex (for those people who have not read the blog before,  rolex is an omelette wrapped in a chapatti). The children loved the experience and many of them enjoyed the taste and came back for second helpings.

Tomorrow Muhudi will be teaching the children about the weather in Kafuro, talking about cultural museums and leading some more rolex cooking.


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