More from Ranger Joe in Bwindi

Today I have had the most wonderful time in Bwindi. I was privileged to be involved with the gorilla tracking that happens here daily. I set out early and was with the trackers in Ruhinza in the eastern part of the park by half seven. It had not long been light as we began our journey deep into the jungle looking for the rare mountain gorilla. Normally tourists do not travel with the trackers (rangers specially trained to locate the gorillas)instead they travel with guides once the gorillas have been located. I was especially lucky to be with the trackers, not only did I get to see how these men and women work to find the gorillas, but I also got to spend more time with the wonderful animals once we had located them. Normally it’s only an hour that tourists spend with the gorillas, I got to spend two and a half. I am extremely grateful to the Rangers and to UWA for allowing me this privilege, I have seen sites today that will live in my memory forever. Mountain gorillas are beautiful, calm and powerful, and a true wonder to behold.


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  1. aburford says:

    Looks as though you are having a really special time with the rangers Joe. Keep blogging.

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