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Kafuro Day 3

We went to Kafuro again today. It was extremely interesting because as we were going along the stretch of road to Katunguru (nearby town), we encountered the same herd of Elephants having their breakfast in the same spot as yesterday, which I found very exciting. As we arrived at Kafuro, we quickly got to work on the cob oven. The pupils again today, were extremely passionate to work on it and they did lots of jobs like preparing clay, sorting sand etc.

Then it came to lunch and we had pork with rice, chips and watermelon freshly prepared by the school chef. After we had finished our lunch, we got invited to meet the Women’s Collective group in Kafuro. They seemed very pleased that we were here. When we got back we were invited play football. It was really good fun and there was a big crowd and all the children cheered. After that we continued the efforts with the bottle greenhouse. And managed to get the frame up. All in all, it was a very fun and successful day.


Kafuro Day 4

Today was very eventful. We started the day by waking up to what had been a thunder storm over the night. We then got in the Land Cruiser and headed out of Hippo House (where we were staying in Uganda). In Uganda they do have roads but just not very good ones. So you could imagine driving on a wet and muddy road with no tarmac. We finally got to Kafuro forty minutes later than yesterday, but ready to get working. We started by doing some baking with P6 (10-12 year olds). We made scones in the school kitchen. Then we tasted them. All the children seemed to really like them. This was my final day at Kafuro. We could learn an awful lot from the children of Kafuro and the people who make the community great.


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