Butser Ancient Farm Trip

On Wednesday, we joined Class AS on a visit to Butser Ancient Farm. At the farm, we learnt how to be Archaeologists and dig for clues as to how people lived long ago. We found bones and rocks. After washing them, we had a go at identifying what they might be or where they may have come from.

We also looked at building methods and had a go at ‘Clunch’. This is where we took handfuls of mud, straw and clay mixed with water. After molding the mixture in our hands, we packed it into a wooden box that was a large brick shape. This would have been left to dry to build up the wall of the building.

We had a go at making ‘jewelery’ using pliers and some thin wire. We wound the wire around the pliers and turned them in to rings and bracelets.

After we had a tour of the farm, we had our lunch in one of the wattle and daub buildings. A small fire was lit inside. We learnt that in ancient times, it was seen as rude if the fire went out whilst there were visitors! The warmth of the fire was welcomed as it was quite a chilly day. Later, we spent some time listening to stories of Ancient times, whilst sat around the fire and eating our oatcakes we had made at school the day before.

There were sheep, goats and pigs on the farm. These were animals that would have been kept for resources in Ancient times. We enjoyed stroking and feeding them! Have a look at the photos of our day;


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