The School Grounds We’d Like – Launch Assembly

Today was a very important day at Liss Junior School as we began our transition topic for the year entitled The School Grounds We’d Like. Mr Stanley took the assembly and began by reminding the children of the work they had done in the last year in securing beehives for both Liss Junior and Kafuro Primary Schools. He then spoke to the children about how staff and pupils at Kafuro Primary School had been transforming their school environment. He pinpointed how school buildings had been rendered, how planting of shrubs had smartened up the appearance of the school and outlined clear pathways and how planned planting of trees had led to conservation of the soil and a cleaner, greener environment. Lastly he talked about how people in Kafuro use sustainable building methods with banana twine, leaves and canes.

The children were then told that they had to identify areas of the school grounds that they could make even better and went away in groups to plan how to do so. Over the coming fortnight we will be posting some of our ideas on our individual class blogs before a whole school assembly on Friday week where the best ideas will be shared. We will post these ideas to see what our colleagues in Kafuro think of them.

We would like our friends in Kafuro to think about what ideas they would have to improve their school grounds further and invite you to share your ideas with us over the coming weeks. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Mr Stanley’s PowerPoint can be viewed below.

Download (PPT, 4.77MB)

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