Saving water at Liss

Greetings to all of our friends at Kafuro Primary School. This week we have been continuing work on the school grounds while Year 6 have been preparing for their SATs tests (the UK equivalent of Primary Leaving Examinations).

After last week’s Water Explorers workshop, our school council has acted quickly and asked Mr Burford if the school could buy a water butt. This works on exactly the same principles as the large water tank you have at Kafuro. A pipe is attached to the water butt from the guttering of our PE shed and when it rains the water is collected. As we have clean running water in our school, we will use water collected in the water butt to refresh our plants around the school. We do not want to waste precious water on watering plants when we can store rainwater instead.

We have taken a photo of the water butt below and the school council have been given the task of finding another location on the school site where we can install a second water butt.

2016-05-05 18.43.41

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