Liss Junior School children respond to Kafuro Primary School’s ideas

Yesterday Mr Stanley held an assembly where he shared with the school the ideas that children from Kafuro Primary School had generated for The School Grounds We’d Like. He shared each idea from classes P4 – P7 with the children and invited their responses.

P4’s idea of a football pitch and a netball court in place of a vegetable patch gained some strong support. Many Liss children thought that it was unfair that they had to walk a couple of miles to use a sports field to play games on. As one Liss pupil said,

“The Kafuro children have to walk a long way to play sport so they must be tired by the time they get there. After playing sport they must be exhausted and they still have to walk back to school. Having sports pitches at school would save them a great deal of energy.”

Many children were also impressed by P5’s ideas of planting flowers around the school grounds in order to attract bees. They felt this was a good idea for  bees pollinating flowers and in the long run producing more honey. Additionally, they agreed that flowers would look and smell good thereby increasing the attractiveness of the school grounds.

The children were then presented with the ideas from Classes P6 & P7. They liked the idea of building an outdoor classroom as that would mirror plans that a class at Liss came up with. It was also thought that the idea of extending Mr Stanley’s ‘castle’ and turning it into a cultural museum was a good one as it could be a way of generating funds for the school as well as providing a cultural experience. the fact that bio-degradable materials would be used was a strong plus point.

Finally, Mr Stanley asked the children to vote for the idea they thought was best. Remarkably there was a similar number of votes for all three ideas, so it is over to you Kafuro to decide which idea is best.


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