Tag Rugby Centre Set Up

The long awaited time finally came to be enjoyed by more than 75 people who still feel good about what they learnt by practice.
The days of delivering information to the schools about the Tag rugby where days of scaring the Head teachers who had watched Rugby over the television mainly being played by large and energetic muscular men and women. For that led to very many questions on how the students will be safe from all the bleeding of the rough game.
Some questions like;
‘How are you sure that the game is very good (without severe injuries) as you explain yet we have watched it on Television to be very rough and Tough?’
‘Who will care for the children during the time of their training?’

Yowasi tried very hard to explain all sorts of the questions in different schools that he visited. Meeting other friends from the community, they were all moved by the idea on Tag Rugby but yet scared for the games they had watched several times on TV.

Invitations were issued to the schools and communities surrounding Queen Elizabeth National Park with priority to Twinned schools and communities of Kafuro, Katunguru, Kyambura, Mahyoro and Bukorwe.

For some communities being very far, my thanks that all our schools and targeted areas were fully represented.It was very good that Yowasi managed to organize their accommodation and evening meal as they had to stay for more days. All seemed hectic but real, Yowasi was trying to also connect with the trainers whom he had not seen at any point but had a proper connection forwarded by the Twinning Project members who had brought with them some rugby balls ( which were nicknamed Pawpaw balls by the pupils at Kafuro in the first case) and who during their visit had visited Kyadondo Rugby Center.

The days came to go and it was a Sunday afternoon that our trainers arrived from Kampala and the stage was to be at Kichwamba High school. On the way the very afternoon Boda boda guys kept coming to ask them where they were going for them to provide service if needed. For them being tired, they some time kept quiet until Yowasi came to pick them up and they had not recognized his presence, introducing himself as Yowasi, but did not believe the guy they were meeting thinking he was to be an old and huge guy from all the organizations they have been hearing about him making.

Another Bodaboda guy was called to help take the visitors to the Victoria Gardens where they had to reside for their time in Queen Elizabeth National park.

The next step was to take the duo to tour around the area of focus on the next day.
They toured and liked the pitch where they had to do training from. They also met some teachers at Kyambura primary school where the centre is set now. On returning Yowasi took Stesh and Dot to have their meals as they also wanted to test fish from fresh waters!!
On returning, they had to all have a discussion to plan for the next day and proper methods of setting up an active proper centre.

It was night and then morning came and all the invited guests had arrived despite the simple delays. We had to welcome all the people who had turned up for the first day.
The trainers and Yowasi went to the headteacher’s office ( the hosting school),
demarcating of the pitch was done and then work started there. Most amazing were the members from the communities who turned up despite the works they had in the village.
The groups of reporters and coaches were in the evening very fine that they also wrote proper reports that very evening as the activity was really amazing.
Transport was provided for the participants and then the day ended in that interesting way:)

The next day schools arrived as others were celebrating Heroes Day, the teams were getting thorough training from the best new coaches with fresh content on their mind.


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