Second day at Queen Elizabeth National Park Tag Rugby Centre

Day two started with all people excited as they had captured what to do and now set to train the children for the next day of competitive skill practice..
Yowasi had to pick students from the the volunteer schools to join two selected teams of students and the village team from the communities.
Students from Kafuro were delayed to some extent as the Journey was long as it was driving there first then picking them from the school compound.
They were all excited about boarding in the car for the long awaited time had arrived.
Instructions were moved on boarding to Kyambura where the center is located.
Teacher Muhudi and Abiaz gave clear instruction for students to respect themselves and everything that God created as it is for a purpose.
Reaching Kyambura , they all had to greet their counterparts and the a simple and quick assembly was conducted.
Instructors/trainers were given clear instructions and then material / equipment for training their own students.
Stesh and Dot ( trainers from Yyandondo Uganda) kept a close eye to ensure the trainers properly delivered the basic game skills.
Reporters and officials also did their duties by recording and general officiation of the teams playing.

From individual school’s trianing, a mini competition was organised to have all the trainers see what others had done.

Available cameras were used by several reporters to take photos which would be attached to their reports that they can have more meaning.

Lunch time approached and all our participants were all fed and the afternoon session approached.

Rain came on to interview our guests from Kampala and they used the opportunity to train more media reporters with cropping and editing photos for web use .
Games on school against another were conducted in afternoon where all the participants had to properly and carefully officiate under proper supervision.

Very nice that all the coaches and reporters plus children had changed their attitude and now enjoying the game to the extreme extent.

The community teams also had expected a rough game but the mind was changed with practical game.

The day ended in good faith with all teams waiting eagerly for the next day to come for all wished victory for the is own teams.

To be continued .
p.s. do not miss reading the last third part for it’s spiced with all the crowning remarks and the end.

Thanks for reading our blog always.

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