Water Explorers Workshop

The children from Liss Junior School were visited by Anna Beasley from Water Explorers today. Anna ran workshops with the children raising awareness about how we waste water and identifying simple solutions to reduce our water usage. Some of this work tied in with the water diaries task that we carried out with our friends at Kafuro Primary School last year. In the morning, 30 children from Years 3 & 4 worked with Anna, while in the afternoon the children came from Years 5 & 6.

The children are going to blog in detail about the activities they carried out and the blog posts should be uploaded next week. Some of the tasks they carried out included: identifying how many litres of water everyday activities use; how much water is used to produce a glass of orange or a beefburger; looking at one person’s relationship with water; writing raps; looking at a day in the life of a country for water usage and comparing countries around the world, and writing pledges to reduce water waste.

We would like to thank Anna for all her hard work and making the day so interesting and exciting. We will now look to see where we can embed her ideas into our curriculum.


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