Water Explorers Workshop report

Last Friday 60 children from across the school took part in a Water Explorers Workshop. The children learnt a great deal. Here’s Freya and Olivia’s report:

On Friday, some people were picked to go to a Water Explorers afternoon. We did fun activities to help us to save water. Here is an account of the afternoon.

When we got into the hall, there were pieces of paper laid out. We sat down and started watching a video. It was explaining what Water Explorers were and what they did. Anna, the lady in charge of the afternoon, paused after a bit and asked us to do the first activity. She would shout out an activity involving water and we would have to go to the piece of paper which had the correct amount of litres on it. We did this about 10 times. Then we went and continued watching the video.

After we had watched the video for a bit longer, we then played a higher or lower game. We were shown some food items and had to guess how much water was needed to make it. Afterwards we finished watching the video. We watched a video about a girl who lived in Ethiopia and what her life was like. We were then given a pack of cards to make a timetable for that girl’s life. Then it was break time.

After break, we were given a pack of counters to represent a litre each of water. We were split into different groups and each group was given a country. Here we were given a child’s day in that country. The countries were: United Kingdom, USA, Ghana, India and Uruguay. The United Kingdom had 180 litres, the U.S.A had 380 litres and the other three only had 40 litres. We then had to go about our day, doing activities involving water. The USA used majority of its on giving water to the horses and using 150 litres on a paddling pool. The United Kingdom spent 35 litres on a water fight and the only three which didn’t run out of water, only had 40 litres. Afterwards, we had to make a pledge to use water less. Overall, it was a really fun afternoon.

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