Visit from Ugandan rangers

Today we were visited by Ben, Africa and Jane, who are all rangers at Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda. They came into school to talk to the children about various aspects of life and work in Uganda. In the morning they talked to the lower school about the differences in living in a hot climate compared to the UK. They also took this morning’s assembly where they talked about all the different animals that live in the National Park.


At lunchtime the rangers had lunch with the children the hall. Africa told Mr Stanley that although they really like British food they did sneak over some African food with them. Sam W and Isobel gave the rangers a tour of the school in the afternoon before the rangers spoke to the children about conservation issues and answered questions. Africa, Ben and Jane left to a huge round of applause and we thank them for all their time and hard work throughout the day. We hope to see them back at Liss Junior School one day soon.


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