Summer Fete

Today Liss Junior School held its Summer Fete. This was an opportunity for the Liss community to come together and enjoy the marvellous weather we have been experiencing. Yowasi may find this difficult to believe considering the cold weather he experienced while he was in England, but it was actually hotter in the UK than Kampala today. Many of the children took part in a summer concert and played their musical instruments in front of their parents on the school amphitheatre. There were also games and stalls around the school field with all sorts of refreshments for sale. Mr Burford organised a best pet competition and a slow bicycle race (the winner is the person who finishes last).


Our question for our friends in Kafuro is: Do you have a school fete? If you were to have a school fete what stall and events would you run?

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  1. yowasi says:

    I have tried to imagine and believe that you had some good weather to celebrate. In the pictures, I have believed you had the best of the day!!!!

    We shall discuss the blog on the assembly tomorrow and children will give the feedback of what they are thinking.

    Well done every body who participated and made the day colourful.

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