Our Ugandan Visitor

Today we have been visited by one of the Ugandan teachers linked to the Twinning Project. We were joined by Vicent, who has been spending the past fortnight at Clanfield Junior School. He spent the day visiting all the classes in the school and giving talks about Bukorwe Primary School and answering the children’s questions. Some of the things we found out was that Christmas isn’t such a big deal in Uganda as it is in the UK, that there isn’t really a most common national surname because of the tribal nature of the country and that if you are standing downwind of an elephant and he can’t smell you then you can get very close.


Vicent was given a tour of the school by Henry and Izzy from Class AS and he was also taken out onto the playground so the children could demonstrate playground games.  Andrew also took him for lunch in the hall with the children before he joined the staff in the staff room later.

This is what Vicent thought about his day,

“The day was so amazing for i got a very impressing moment with the pupils during lunchtime”


Mr Stanley will be taking Vicent walking along the south coast on Saturday before he flies back to Uganda next week. We hope that our friend Yowasi will soon be able to experience this himself.

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