Harvest Festival at Liss

Today was the Liss Junior School Harvest Festival and the entire school went to St Mary’s church in the centre of Liss to celebrate this occasion. This year’s theme was regional harvests for England and each class presented about produce for a region. Ash Class talked about peas from Lincolnshire, Elm Class presented about tomatoes from the Isle of Wight, Oak Class discussed carrots while willow and beech discussed vineyards in Sussex and watercress in Hampshire respectively.

In the Upper School, Pine Class talked about cider from Herefordshire, Birch presented wheat from Yorkshire, Rowan Class discussed hops from Surrey and Kent while Maple Class talked about dairy produce from Devon.

This year children and parents of the school donated items towards Liss Foodbank. This supports families who are struggling to feed themselves. Some people in Uganda think that all muzungu are rich and have everything they need, but the reality is very different.

We would like to ask our friends at Kafuro Primary School how you celebrate the harvest? Do you have a church service or hold some sort of festival?

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